Held together with lipstick. (Day 199, Year 2)

Today, I was pulled over by a police officer in my small town. 

I deserved to be pulled over for a plethora of reasons--none of which I was aware of but existed, nonetheless. I turned left at a red light (the road was closed and it was a detour, so I just went about my detouring.); my registration was reportedly expired and I did not have a recent insurance card (the most recent was from 2019. Although I am insured.). My glove box was a hot mess. My son and his friend in the back were discussing donuts and the time I hit a goose (BY ACCIDENT!) with my car. 

Really, I should have been taken away. But, alas, the police officer told me I seemed busy and gave me a break, letting me go. 

I should have known today was going to be trying before I got pulled over. My Monday began with a dog who needed to go out at 4 am; followed by me vomiting (still happens once in a while if I eat the wrong things) at 4:30 am. The kids whined a lot about waking up for swim and even more about not having "anything to do." 

Then, there was the law enforcement issue. And confusing work emails. And illegal parking (no ticket! just 2 hours of anxiety!). And getting yelled at for no reason (by everyone in the house). And new middle aged back pain definitely related to my tote bag and posture. 

But, I did wear a dress, lipstick and brush my hair, so I could pretend to have my life together; when really everything feels very much not together. 

I think, truly, that my lipstick is the only thing keeping me from completely breaking apart (my Grammy told me never to leave the house without lipstick and she is a genius, I think). I know it is silly that some makeup is the difference between me screaming in the middle of the yard and attempting to be productive; but there is something so civilized about a painted lip. It makes me feel ready for anything (and everything, because it is only 10 pm and so much can happen before midnight.).