GUEST BLOGGER!! ( Day 203, Year 2)

Patricia, Tricia, or Trish Carrington Adkins is an amazing writer.   I truly hope writer day she strings together just one episode of her hilarious, heartfelt, and amazingly terrific tragic moments in her life and turns it into the next great American novel based on all of our (including yours) dirty secrets and wonderful intrigue.  Or finally puts down in words something completely different that we all should have seen coming.  Until that day lets mash it all up and honor the Yoke... So here is what Tricia has said to me today:

 "I am omly zooming into my photo so I can read the sign. So guys, I am reading the most amazing book by the best author.  It's the perfect mix of both beach read meets pulitzer prize winning genius.  Ask what this book is from way back in 2019, it's hilarious and I need to tell you all about it.

 Let's talk about today.   I finished the night with amazing Eldridge friends sipping cholcolatechello while yelling all about our towns problems.   Well I got problems to.     First one of the children got kicked out of summer school for asking about that artist sketch that looks exactly like the principal.   I mean dead ringer, cant blame him.   Not Nicholas but the google it and you wonder where he got the Nissan van.      Additionally another child ordered a mini fridge off of amazon for $400.   We should start a go fund me to pay for it like the kid who ordered 1000 ice cream sandwiches and everyone thought it was cute.   Friends this was not cute.    Even if I somehow missed the $400 charge (quite possible) I have so many more questions.   Like where would the drinks come from?  How would they ever plug it in my dear old 100 year old Eldridge home?   Do they know the electrical issues!  But mostly why does my child think a mini fridge should cost $400 and we would be ok having cold beverages in their room.   Have they seen my room?      I am so grateful that my children can have this privilege but really what in the world.

Well this weekend is my birthday and it really is the worst time of year to be born.   Christmas in July.  As you may have heard being born on Christmas sucks.   Well being born on Christmas (eve) in July is the worst.   You never get to celebrate in school and your friends are always on some amazing vacation and you are not.   While you are at home with the smelly neighbor and your brother who eats your cake before you even get to blow out the giant candle stick because your mom only had so much foil to wrap your presents in and one person can not be expected to go to sleep at 8 pm and not wake up at 3.      Sorry whomever his is not about you, its about me and if you are reading this thank you so much you are reader number 11!    Happy Birthday to me because sometimes you just need to toot your own flugelhorn.   "