England to France (Day 191, Year 2)

We made it to Paris and that’s it.

I mean not really! But it is 1am here and I’ve been living off fish and chips, wine, British accents and now 24 hour French cafes (which are seriously just Jersey diners with a Parisian theme and Eiffel Tower obstructed views.)

So to recap the past several days: 

  • We left New Jersey with too much luggage; and made it to London. We stayed awake for approximately 36-48 hours and did the following:
  • Ate lunch at a French cafe in England.
  • Toured Windsor Castle (fantastic!!!!)
  • Drove to the countryside and through the hedges, which according to our British friend Ed contain the following: voles and shrews and birds and bees (in this order). He did not mention the people who have died in the hedges, who are absolutely still in there with the voles and shrews and birds and bees. 
  • Ate at a delightful pub on a river in the English countryside while our children played with our friends children.
  • Went to Stonehenge and experienced the rocks to end all rocks
  • Made it to London to explore Paddington, stalk statues of an imaginary bear and then, of course Pearl Jam in Hyde Park!
  • Our children went zip lining in Paddington Recreation Area and then free ranged around “sketchy” areas and ate British McDonalds.
  • Spent some time with Big Ben
  • Chased the Queen’s guard around Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace
  • Explored the South side of the Thames, got a story about my brother and then of course; more Pearl Jam.
  • This time our children went to Abbey Road or as Chloe calls it “the Road ” and apparently had some problems with traffic.
  • Then, today we toured The Tower of London, made a harrowing and chaotic journey through the tube to St Pancras Station and took the Eurostar to Paris.

And that’s it friends! Like I said, we made it to Paris and that’s it.