Embracing Adventure (Day 211, Year 2)

My kids complain (endlessly). They also shout and fight and have had domestic level altercations in public places. Sometimes, I wonder if we should bring them out. But, then I remember we’ve been bringing them out since the beginning and it is not that they don’t know how to behave; it is just that they are comfortable in their own skin anywhere we adventure.

The only rule they seem to abide is the one they created themselves: everything must be an adventure. 

Like today, we woke up and left to begin our journey to retrieve Lily from camp. First stop was the store by our house to try their bagels. Then a stop at the American Dream mall, which is a wild, bizarre place that we will return to and ski in August. Then somewhere in Connecticut at a Marriott and then off to Walnut Beach on Long Island Sound for hours and hours of swimming.

Mike suggested Chloe and Nicholas get out after 2 hours and they both said, “can we just stay?”

Then dinner and attempting to get on the docks to see the sailboats. Then back to the hotel for a night swim outside and inside and time spent imagining sharks and doing bizarre challenges and acting like they are indeed at Disney World at the best resort pool in the entire world.

They somehow know exactly how to embrace the joy and magic and adventure in every single place and every single moment (with some intense sibling arguments peppered in). It is such a beautiful thing; and they keep mentioning how much they wish Lily was here to enjoy all the adventure at this suburban CT Marriott with an outdoor pool. 

I hope they never lose their sense of finding treasure and adventure in places. It is these kids of mine that bring the magic to mundane and the adventure to the ordinary.