Bonne Fete Nationale (Day 195, Year 2)

Today, was our last full day in Paris and then our last night! It was la Fête Nationale Française (what we Americans call Bastille Day) in France. 

Everything was spectacular from the flyover to the Louvre to Les Deux Magots to Saint Suplice to Jardin du Luxembourg (minus the boat stand's "Fermi" sign) to the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower! We watched the incredible military plane flyover from the Grande Arc, by our hotel in La Defense today with all the French. It was so amazing when the fighter jet left a trail that became the French flag. 

Then it was onwards to the rest of our sightseeing day, which included some time at Les Deux Magots, imagining we were there with Hemingway as we ate our glace and sorbet, while drinking our cafe creme. We did part of a Rick Steve's walk of the area, visiting two churches and spending a few moments with a Picasso statue in a small garden. We enjoyed some macaroons and champagne in Jardin du Luxembourg. Then, we enjoyed the mob to see the fireworks. We found a spot near the Ecole Militare (again with the French, which made it all the more exciting). 

My favorite part of the fireworks show was the moment the show went from red, white and blue for France to blue and yellow for the Ukraine. I know it is just some lights and fireworks and not a solution or an end to a war. But, I also know from my own personal wars, that sometimes acknowledgement and awareness and love make it possible to continue on.

I cannot believe we are heading back to NJ tomorrow. France has a piece of my heart for always and forever. And I hope my children feel the same way. . .because now we must plan our return trip to do all the things we did not do and all the things we wish to do over and over again. 

Bon soir!