Across the pond we go! (Day 187, Year 2)

Chloe and I only screamed 47 times. And my mom seems to on board with her house/dog sitting/cat sitting/fish sitting/African violet sitting. She’s even able to give the dog insulin without stabbing herself; which is more than I can say. 

Oh, but I forgot the most important part! We are packed, the Uber is coming, my luggage is definitely staking the line between under and over weight and I am certain we will need to buy a suitcase somewhere. BUT we are doing this!

This trip is a dream for all of us. We are truly so blessed and privileged to be able to do this, together. Despite the screaming (from all of us), we really do enjoy each other’s company and adventures together. 

So until our first day in the U.K., this it is! The next time I write, I’ll be across the pond getting into the best kind of trouble! 

PS, I am crying a little bit.