Worst than the Tupperware lid situation! (Day 178, Year 2)

I interrupt everyone's fear over living in the Handmaid's Tale combined with the other everyone's complaining over the Handmaid's Tale people, to bring you a REAL true life problem for which there is no actual solution. 

The vast majority of my travel cups do not have lids. 

Just look at this!

It is like some weird speed dating/match making event, in which some participants showed up married (or lidded!) and the rest will never find a match because there simply isn't one. (And NO MIKE just because you shoved that giant lid on my new wine tumbler, which was a gift, that does not mean it fits! It looks ridiculous and it will end in disaster!)

Friends, this is worst than the Tupperware container and lid situation! (You when you have all the lids and all the containers, but nothing matches)!

Here's why:

1. These travel cups cost about 25 times more in the current inflation/supply chain issue/pandemic/apocalypse (but let's not dwell on that).  

2. Now that we are leaving the house again (and sometimes it is just to walk around the hood to judge our neighbor's 4th of July decorations while drinking wine), I need to be able to have a lidded cup for my coffee or road soda! 

3. As mentioned, the cute pink Yeti wine tumbler was A GIFT FROM A WEEK AGO! While, an extensive and exhaustive search did yield its lid, I won't be able to sleep worrying about that lid remaining with the Yeti. I scared to wash it and scared not to!

4. It is fruit fly season and the little bastards love a crisp Sancerre and our very, very, very alcoholic homemade Eldridge red. The only safe way to drink without bonus bugs is with a lid!

5. Sometimes, I can find matches but it is to an inappropriate for the hour of drinking. I cannot show up for swim team pick up with my coffee in a champagne to-go flute! And if I drink my wine in a coffee cup, I will end up over served and a sloppy, but worry-free mess. 

6. This all makes me very angry and then everyone looks at me like I am an irrational monster and says very rude things like: "It's NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL MOM" or "I don't know. I am busy," or "WHY ARE YOU YELLING? or my favorite, "Why don't you put your own stuff away?"

This is a lot, friends. Pray for us and pray for all the cups and lids that they may find a match and live happily ever after.