The Great Reset (Day 164, Year 2)

It's the last week of school, friends!

Which means, I've reached the point that I am complaining on speaker phone about the entire town. 


At least, my middle daughter alerted me that I was, in fact, on speaker phone in a crowded area and my voice was ringing out with such gems as "WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN?!"

In my defense, I was engaged in a bizarre traffic jam on a street that is not traffic jam worthy and apparently needed to make eye contact with the chaperones at the middle school splash party in order to free my daughter from the pool complex. I had circled the area at least 17 times and nearly died 13 times, as other parents, in the same situation, made sudden stops and u-turns and probably were distractedly ranting to their children (but not on speakerphone, because they have good manners!). 

Anyway, I am also one of the people in this town and I am sick of myself. 

It is time for the end of the school year and what I always think of as the great reset! 

What's the great reset, you ask? Well, it is when this whole chaos of the school year ends and everyone can take a deep breath, forget everything they've learned (the summer slide!),  bathe in the town pool,  eat dinner late that is mostly ice cream, drink wine in the garden all night and spend days complaining about being bored and being hot and having to empty the dishwasher. 

The reset is the best part of summer! At the end, we all emerge with our memories wiped clean of the splash party episode (no one was ranting about the entire town on speakerphone!) and the irritation of everything associated with school and regular life. 

It is magical! And the only way we can endure this all, year after year. 

Four more days, friends! And then you'll forget all about those things I said. . . .