Stop alerting me. (Day 173, Year 2)

It is Wednesday, the third day of school break, and I've already received several COVID contact tracing alerts from camps and conferences and sports. 

The thing is, I do not want any of these alerts. I would like people to return to simply being absent when they are sick without disclosing their entire infection and medical history. 

Because, friends, I cannot live with COVID pandemonium anymore. I thought, perhaps, summer would be a reprieve, but instead it has intensified. At least our school district had procedures and process and just posted COVID cases on a website without alerting us daily. Now, the people of summer are frazzled and free with their COVID disclosures. It's overwhelming, exhausting and now I will think I have COVID for the next 8 weeks. 

Because you can get COVID when someone mentions they know someone with COVID, right? Or when someone adjacent to you at a conference is not at the conference anymore and suddenly appears on a Zoom when hours before they were completely fine and present and now they are Zooming and trilling on about how they are keeping everyone safe in light of their positive COVID test? (However, they should have noticed the sniffles and stayed away; but that's another complain entirely.) And you can definitely get it when you are outside near people who live with people who have active COVID but are only going to the Target and no where else, just maybe to Applebees and Total Wine & More, because they quarantining. 


I don't even know how you get COVID anymore; and certainly people sending emails announcing "everyone should mask immediately," don't know anymore either. Our window of understanding is closed, friends and it is time to sending alerts. 

Note: I do still want to know when my friends when COVID so I can bring them soup, avoid them and also worry about them daily! 

But for the general public population, I simply want to assume everyone has COVID; but not really know, so I can just live both cautiously and freely. What I know cannot make me sneeze! Or develop an imaginary fever!