Second day of summer. (Day 172, Year 2)

The most wonderful thing happened at 7:45am on Tuesday morning (that's yesterday, but it still feels like today for me, so I thought I'd clarify with the day). I walked out my front door (which we've had to use because our garage door was broken and our back gate is locked, so it's a whole hike to exit the home from the side) and my neighbor was there and took my son into her car to swim practice. 

It was like the universe gave me 30 minutes. Then I got a text that my 9:30am meeting was cancelled, because the organizer was sick! So lucky! I mean for me. I hope the sick person feels better. Then my 11 am was cancelled because no one had anything to talk about. And then it was like I had all this extra time. 

So lucky, right?

Then at 12:45pm, pandemonium broke out. I forget the exact problem; but I spent 1 1/2 hours restoring and repairing sibling relationships (ensuring my children will always have one another and not become estranged! Sibling estrangement is a fear of mine.). It was a lot of work for a peace that will only last until  9am, when the pandemonium will commence, anew, and I won't be here to fix their sibling bonds. 

Maybe I should cancel my big day tomorrow (Today? Well, Wednesday!)

I mean, my children need me! And it will be the second day of summer! 

But, alas, I will not cancel my big day. I am attending a pediatric oncology summit that I've been looking forward to attending--I know SUPER NERD alert! But, I will definitely worry endlessly and fully expect to come home to them in utter chaos. 

Because, like I said, it will be the second day of summer and this is what siblings do in summer--they fight, they make messes, they require their mothers to be therapists, camp counselors, lawyers, wardens and cooks, 

And you know, what, I think I still love summer, because even though they are endlessly on the verge of major emotional collapse, I get to be here for it and on occasion, something wonderful will happen, like they will all laugh together (and not at me) and then, I'll know I made sibling estrangement less likely, at least for the second day of summer.