One week 'til London (Day 180, Year 2)

In one week, as long as a whole slew of calamities do not happen, I will be on a plane and headed to London and Paris with my family! We booked this trip so long ago and now, it is finally real. 

Of course, there are all sorts of chaotic problems that could lead to this all falling apart and I am feeling a bit obsessive over the horrible things that could happen (locusts/pilot strike/my front teeth being knocked out in a freak accident). 

Of course, I know I am a very, very crazy, spoiled, privileged lady with two trips to Paris in 3 months. And I am even more ridiculous because I am going to see Pearl Jam, two nights in a row, in Hyde Park. And I will FINALLY after forever, get to see my childhood friend Jen and her husband Ed and their daughters. 

I am really emotional thinking about that last part. Jen knew me before I even knew myself. I think we were in preschool together; and then later church friends and elementary school friends and then suddenly, we were lifelong friends. There are so many memories with Jen and her sisters in them--Halloween Trick or Treating at our house; bike rides and adventuring in the woods at her house; her birthday at her backyard pool; sleepovers; her beautiful and crazy wedding in England. 

Jen was 2 hours late. I helped wax her armpits the night before. Then I gave a very amazing speech on the grand stairs of a giant manor home after being over served. Later, Ed arranged fireworks for Jen and it was like being in a very relatable storybook with all your very best friends. 

Jen and Ed are Nick's Godparents. 

Anyway, I haven't seen Jen since before my brother died. And I know that might seem like a weird thing to note; but Jen knew my brother for as long as she knew me. She's another person who remembers him as a kid and that is everything. Plus their birthdays are one day apart--Jen on July 8 and David on July 9. A random coincidence that creates an invisible thread in my memories, connecting pieces of me and David and Jen, always.