Accomplishments of the Week (Day 153, Year 2)

Well, friends, another week is wrapping up. And while it is only Thursday, in these post-Memorial Day days, Thursday is the new nearly Friday, so I am going to recap the week, now. I might also recap it again tomorrow, if I don't come up anything to write. 

Some highlights: I learned how to port a telephone number from one account to another (you just need about 12 hours and a few good luck charms), I spewed out all my deep failure concerns (and feel so much better) and I have a giant list of things I did not do (like send an email asking for cash contributions for a raffle basket that I have to bring to an event tomorrow.). 

But here are the random things that I accomplished this week:

1. Watched the last episode of Ozark. 

As a rule, I do not enjoy the last of anything--episodes, installments, chapters, books in a series, the last broken chips in a bag, the last of the wine and whatnot. BUT this ending I liked because it felt like a new beginning. And there is nothing better than a non-ending, ending in my book. 

2. Had dinner with a friend. 

I had a delightful dinner with a friend whom I oddly meant many years ago when I was writing for the Patch in Gloucester Township and then officially met, here, in Haddon Township. It was so nice to talk and debrief and even dip our toes into some current events and politics. Talking about things is good for the soul. 

3. Decided that I love writing about oncology research. 

Okay, I already knew this--but I often get distracted by shiny objects. Today, I was reminded how much I love writing about oncology research and how extracting interesting bits from complicated science is truly what excites me and energizes me. I have to remember not to forget. 

4. Managed to make several messes and generated hope! 

The house is trashed. There are piles everywhere; but as everyone knows, I firmly believe a pile is a sign of hope. If you are missing an item and there are piles--you have somewhere to look. Without the pile, your item is simply and obviously lost. 

5. Washed my hair.

I hate washing my hair. It takes forever to wash, dry and deal with. But, friends, I DID IT! And on a busy work day, no less! I mean really, this is the accomplishment of the WEEK!