The Neverending Story. (Day 151, Year 2)

As it goes after a long weekend that creates a week that ended on Thursday and another that began on Tuesday, I have no idea what day it is,  I am confused by all things happening and today feels neverending. 

I am, however, pleasantly impressed that I made it to all meetings, completed all required tasks, wardrobed the middle child for a band concert (she's picky), managed to get the big one out the door for a field trip in this inferno and somehow got the little one to swim. I also managed to attend a middle school concert which was a bit long for a Tuesday that feels like a Monday but isn't after a long weekend that created a week that ended on a Thursday and another that began on a Tuesday, which is today (I think). 

Anyway, as I mentioned there was a middle school concert tonight. The choir sang "Neverending Story," which is really the theme to these last days of the school year. Chloe (the one in the headband) played "The Washington Post March," which is that very long song often played on carousel rides that are about 11 rotations too long and leave you feeling a bit dizzy. 

It was all very thematic. 

Because, this school year will never end and it is making me dizzy. 

It is officially summer, by Memorial Day and tourism standards; however it is decidedly not summer by school and dance standards. There are finals (I am so glad I am not in high school!), concerts and recitals and splash parties and theme days and traditions and yearbooks and pictures on the front step and at least 17 things that I am forgetting. 

It is never-ending. 

I know someday, perhaps even soon, when my kids begin to leave the nest and stop with all these end of the school year things, I might miss all of this (at least according to the nostaglic lady in the Target line). I don't think it is the madness that I will miss; I will probably miss the sense of belonging and being part of the greater school community and I'll probably yearn for a day when things felt never-ending. 

Because, friends, that's the rub, right? While I crave the end of this seemingly never-ending madness;  at the same time I love that I am part of something that feels like there is no end in sight. There is a certain security in knowing what's next and that things won't end anytime soon and that we will be together in sickness (virtually and socially distanced, of course) and in health and in very, very, very long middle school concerts and in Friday night noisy Splash Parties with 200 feral elementary schoolers. 

So, yes, I will miss this never-ending feeling because there is never enough time celebrating all my kids accomplishments, comforting their hard days, laughing at the chaos and solving all wardrobe problems like I was born to do. 

For now, I am going to try to enjoy my never-ending story with this family of mine; because some of this story will end, someday (but not anytime soon, apparently).