The Musical Start of It All (Day 135, Year 2)

One of the foundations of my relationship with Mike is our shared loved of music. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about those moments on the steps of a very, very seedy Albuquerque, New Mexico motor lodge--me in my Vans and Mike in his very 90s colored jean shorts and his backwards White Sox hat. We were chatting about Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the Singles soundtrack. 

I cannot say I knew in that moment we'd be married. Or even that we would become a couple. But, I knew he'd be my prom date and I knew for sure, he'd kiss me just right. 

That one shared interest launched everything that exists today. 

Music is important in this house. Mike geeks out about it much more than I do--he can keep a beat and play music with an instrument. I can only play music by tapping play in Apple Music. 

I match my music to my moods--Sam Smith when I am feeling introverted and moody; Nirvana on Fridays, always; P!nk when my rage is on; Lady Gaga when I want to feel close to my brother; Sinata when I am talking to Nicholas about my Dad; Elton John when I feeling nostalgic; and of course, my most favorite song on the planet, Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns, which I listen to at least once a day.

And yes, I did name my daughter Chloe, after my favorite song. 

We've both worked hard to make sure music is accessible for our kids. Mike is the best at it--always asking what they like and finding out and listening to it, too. Sharing new songs and band news with us all. Curating playlists for car rides that play our girls favorites. And securing AJR concert tickets--before the pandemic--for the whole family (plus Lily's friend Audrey, who is an honorary Adkins when it comes to concerts!). It is the sweetest Dad thing in the world to make a concert happen for his kids--all three of our kids love AJR! And seeing a band you love play live is an experience every person should have as often as possible and with the people you love!

So even though I know our kids will grow and go to shows without us, and giving them wings to experience the world on their own is important; it is just as important in this house to give them a crew to attend live shows with--concert friends (and family!) who get how amazing music is live and how sharing a song can be the start of big, beautiful things--like a family.