The house is falling apart. (Day 121, Year 2)

As we pulled into the driveway this afternoon, after the second sporting event of the day, my husband said, "The house is falling apart and I am in a bad mood. Maybe I just need to eat something."

Friends, there has never been a wiser, more asute statement made in the history of statements. 

The past few weeks have been chaotic around here. All the amazing excitement of France and Hershey Park and camping and then camping again have been intermingled with broken refrigerators, busted air fryers, diabetic dogs, diabetic me, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments ,dead car batteries, low tire pressure, broken lawn mowers and endless, endless things to do to keep our family afloat. 

It seems we have bypassed "til the wheels fall off" thinking and moved directly to the stage where the wheels have fallen off and the rest of the vehicle is on fire. 

But, it's all okay, because all we really need to something to eat. And this is not a literal meal, although I was very hungry after my 6 hours of vomiting yesterday. We need to consume some peace and quiet and time off and pauses from all of it, even just for an hour, so we have the energy to get through the catastrophes of tomorrow. 

As I write the word catastrophes, I am realizing that I've written a lot about catastrophes lately and even as I type this, I am starting to feel naueous and seasick again, like yesterday. But, it is all okay. 

Nearly everything is falling apart; but the important things are not. Our kids are healthy and realtively happy (they complain a lot, so hard to say honestly that they are completely happy). The dog loves his insulin and seems to be rally in the face of diabetes. I lost 6lbs vomiting (okay this is not important; but it is nice to see my Noom graph jump down for the day). We have a house (and I am not grateful it is falling apart. But I am grateful it exists). My manicure is holding up and photographs well (I know NOT important, but it does make me happy). 

And I've got my ride or die, wise, sometimes cranky, constantly worrying about all of us, always fixing everything that breaks (like the fridge!) husband. 

So, the house is falling apart. But we'll be okay, we just need something to eat (and a nap).