Summer Reading List (Day 149, year 2)

Well, it’s time friends! Time for my summer reading list! I l love reading poolside, ocean side, lake side, plane side, bed side, hotel side and inbetween naps on my front porch. When I close my ideas, I can feel the porch wood planks warm beneath my feet as I walk to a comfy spot with my book (or Kindle in hand). 

When I was a kid, I’d stay up summer nights reading until I dozed off. My Dad, who worked nights as a security guard, would check on me and turn off my light. The next morning when he got home, we’d grade reading notes. He’d tell me what he read during the quiet hours in the guard house and I’d share whatever kept me reading into the evening.

I think books are truly my best summer pals! You know the ones you meet on vacation or at the swim club? They are new, different, with interesting back stories and once the summer wraps up, you vow to keep in touch; but really you both go back to your regular lives (or reading list!) 

I have a few solid rules I follow for my summer reading.  

1. Nothing can be too serious. 

2. Everything must be summer themed! 

3. Try to find a new series to devour in full.

4. Visit with your old friends from past summers (i.e. read your favorite authors new releases!)

And that’s it! I kick started my summer reading this weekend with “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry. It is so delightful, summer themed, not too serious and Henry is an old friend! I loved her “The People We Meet on Vacation” and “Beach Read.”

Here is what else is on my list:

1. The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

2. This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

3. The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrew’s

4. The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrew’s

5. The Summer Place  by Jennifer Weiner

6. The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand

7. The Summer Beach series by Jan Moran

8. The Boardwalk Bookstore by Susan Mallory

9. The Lifeguards by Amanda Erye Ward 

Then, I am in search of some London and Paris themed summer reads. We are heading to both cities in July and I like to get in the spirit! So I’d love recommendations!

I also need to round out my very, very Rom Com list with a couple psychological thrillers or mysteries. I love a good mystery that leaves me with the chills—because it is so good to wrap up in a blanket on a chilly summer night!