On waking up unrefreshed (Day 130, Year 2)

Friends, I've been waking up feeling hungover without having the benefit of having had the requisite booze to produce such a result. 

I am unrefreshed, groggy and sluggish. 

This began months ago, maybe even a year ago. I don't really know how long; but long enough to feel like its becoming a bodily habit to greet the morning with a slight headache, narrowed eyes and a deep desire to immediately take a nap. 

I fear if I don't do something soon I will wake up everyday for the rest of my years feeling unrefreshed. 

And that thought is horrifying. 

I refuse to be resigned to this fate and I will not accept any of this is related to getting older! I see jolly older people out all the time at the crack of dawn walking their dogs and gossiping! I know they did not wake up with a sense of impending doom and a desire to be hospitalized just to get a nap! 

I would like to be a jolly (young!!) morning person! 

So, I turned to the experts (a variety of anonymous sources I found via Google!) and discovered that I need to:

1. Exercise in the morning.

2. Exercise in the evening. 

3. Exercise in middle of day. 

4. Drink anywhere between 1 gallon and 3 gallons of water at the start of the day. Not in the evening, because then I will wet the bed or something. 

5. Stop thinking of the world's problems. 

6. Stop Google stalking random people from my past (sorry CB East Class of 1995). 

7. Do something that brings me joy upon waking (sleep brings me joy, however, see 8)

8. Don't snooze your alarm ( I believe this is more for my husband who is very sensitive to the 17 alarms that go off. I don't even hear any of them!). 


And, of course:

10. SLEEP 

I sleep quite well, friends, I just don't enjoy the wake up part! 

Anyway, today was my first day of attempting all 10 tips. This morning, I cleaned for the cleaners, which is very much exercise. Midday, I think I lifted a laundry, which is definitely strength training. And then tonight, Mike and I went on a neighborhood walk during which we chitchatted with our favorites and I narrowed my eyes in a menacing way at the homes of those who were on my list of complaints last night. 

It was very invigorating! I did drink water throughout the day and I sincerely hope it was enough, but not too much to induce a bedwetting situation (I WILL NOT let you know either way on the bedwetting. Just assume I did NOT wet the bed!). 

As for the world's problems and stalking people, I'll try my best to control my thoughts and my actions. But it is like a chicken and egg situation, the world's problems often affect the people I am internet stalking and sometimes the world's problems are so big, I need the distraction of finding out what happened to the girl who sat in front of me in French class in 1992 (I cannot remember her name, so this is a slow going mission!). So I don't know if I can fix this part, it's all so hard! 

Of course, I already have a 100-percent success rate with the avoidance of nicotine! So I am really advanced and gifted! 

As for the not-hitting-snooze (I don't understand) and the starting of the day with joy (maybe I'll order some makeup from Nordstrom?), I'll do my best. But really I just want to do number 10: