Is Bloody Mary Real? (Day 148, Year 2)

I spent most of my kid summer at a sleepover somewhere or other; this house or that; here or there; anywhere as long as I was with my girlfriends. We played all the games--Ouji board, light as a feather stiff as a board; freezing underthings when someone fell asleep and of course, Mall Madness (and later, Dallas, the card game that we picked up at a flea market). 

We loved the scariest movies. And, of course, there was the playing of Bloody Mary. 

If you don't know what the game Bloody Mary is--let me tell you, it seems benign. But in reality, it is the legit, most horrifying game ever invented. 

Here's how it goes: 

You shut off the lights.

You chant "Bloody Mary" over and over and over and over again.

Then you scream like you might die and run away with your eyes closed. 

I have no idea if Bloody Mary appears (I mean I KNOW I AM AN ADULT BUT WHEN I SNOPED IT THERE WAS NO DEFINITE ANSWER). 

Anyway, it is a ridiculous game.

Several years ago, my nieces and my daughters took it upon themselves to give Bloody Mary a whirl; as a result, no one could sleep. I went in, all cowboy, maverick, save the day attitude to show them how Bloody Mary was not real. 

I said Bloody Mary once. 

And then turned on the lights, tossed a blanket over the mirror and told them to go to bed. 

It was simply too much. The ridiculous game is still horrifying. 

However, give me a Ouji Board and I'll gently push that pointer around so we are chatting with your dead great aunt about your dead cat and not even shy away from my other worldy encounter. 

But, bloody Mary? Look man, I don't know, she might be real.