Wrapping Up a Week of Procrastination (Day 98, Year 2)

Well, friends, I've accomplished most of my work for the week. There are only like 17 more important things to get done. I'll probably do those things in a hysterical stress sweat Monday morning, as per my regular routine! Routines are important, according to my therapist. 

I've cancelled twice on my therapist, by the way, because her appointments interrupted my sweat-fueled routine of recovering from procrastination. I haven't quite made her routine yet and I know I should not cancel; however cancelling does now feel routine and aligns with my procrastination habits. 

Anyway, I am getting side tracked! You, dear reader, are not my therapist so just ignore that ramble (unless you are a therapist and then I'd love to hear what you think, as long as it is complimentary and affirming! No haters!) 

Where was I? Oh right, discussing all the things that took all week to accomplish (or not accomplish) but should have taken like 30 minutes 5 days ago. Here's what I procrastinated this week:

1. Replying to the Buy Nothing Group Organizer. 

Of course I had to mention this out of the gate! I have to replay to her, yet, again. She has not allowed me in the group that bears my town's name. I've been rejected by other surrounding towns, since I don't live in those towns. I also don't apparently live in the town I live in. Is my neighborhood like Monaco? A sovereign city-state that is not exactly like anywhere else? If so, can I open a casino? 

2. Writing important things. 

I had a couple important deadlines this week and I spent the entire week ideating on what to write, without actually writing. I literally kept myself awake all night thinking about the pieces. I was unable to carry on conversations with people I was supposed to converse with. I just thought and thought and thought. And then, I wrote. And you know what: I think the piece turned out exactly as it was meant to be and my sleeplessness and trances were totally worth it. 

3. Washing things. 

Mike is the routine doer of laundry and all adult things that most wives are expected to do by patriarchal society. He's wonderful like that. I don't think he enjoys it. But someone has to be a grown-up. The only drawback is that he cannot wash the laundry I hide in a basket in a corner. So anyway, I am OUT OF BLACK LEGGINGS. I will lay awake tonight worried about the weekend and my wardrobe. 

4. Starting my garden. 

Look, it rained nearly everyday for a week and was also Arctic-like daily. The equator cannot be that faraway can it? But, despite the weather time is tick, tick, ticking away! I finally gave in and planted my peas (late, tell no one, do not judge and shut up). Tomorrow I must implore my children to help me get some lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes and beets in. OH and I have to figure out what to do with my onions and potatoes that are currently under my kitchen desk instead of under my mushroom soil. 

5. Reading my book. 

I began reading "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" by Lauren Weisberger FOREVER AGO. It is super boring? And there has been very little grass and minimal focus on vanity and beauty habits. It is about a college admission scandal; but thus far it boring. I am over halfway done and I feel compelled to finished, even though it is awful. I should really read when I cannot sleep worrying about words and leggings.