There was a skunk (Day 104, Year 2)

This morning, I hit myself on the head three times. The first time was on a lead pipe in the basement (I forgot to duck). The second time, books fell on my head as I was looking for an envelope. And the third time, I was inexplicably pelted with seashells in the face inside of my home. 

And then, there was the skunk that I saw at 4:50 am in my backyard. It walked off; Lily ran off and I stood there frozen. Lily kept saying: "I think you need to run and I have to get to crew." But I could not move. 

That skunk could have taken me out. It is like I was looking for trouble. And maybe, friends, that's the problem: maybe I am looking for trouble and I don't even realize it. 

Anyway, enough of that philosophical deep dive into my psyche, tomorrow, friends, I am leaving for FRANCE! (Barring any additional calamities). 

For now, here is an update on my France to do list!

1. Learn how to care for my diabetic dog (COMPLETE!)
I am now able to jab Henry with a very sharp needle without him noticing. 

2. Drop off the Girl Scout cookie money (COMPLETE!)
Against all odds, I completed this task!

3. Drive around with jumper cables (COMPLETE!)
I did not even have to use them! 

4. Go to therapy (COMPLETE!)
My roots are back to their preferred state, my Paris Pink is in and Sam agreed with me that everyone who is annoying is annoying. She's the best. 

5. Celebrate a holiday (NEARLY COMPLETE!)
We ate our Easter Ham (which means Mike, Chloe and I ate dinner; while Nicholas and Lily moved food around their plate and made mouth noises). We took a hayride to the Easter Bunny! And my children agreed to a photo, as per tradition! Tomorrow is the super secret Easter Egg hunt in the morning! 

6. Pack my Capsule Wardrobe (I'll start this approximately 1.5 hours before I have to be at the airport). 
I cannot find underwear and I used all my pill capsules (BUH-BYE CALAMITIES, BLESSED NOT STRESSED, and, of course, MISS MELLOW, were chewed for breakfast). But fear not, my suitcase is large and Target is just 2 miles away. 

Just one more Yoke in the States and then I'll be writing from France! I mean, how amazing is that?!