On Triumph (Day 106, Year 2)

Tonight, I am sitting in a courtyard in Paris, writing Yoke. And while I know visiting Paris is the dream of my daughter's; writing in Paris is a dream of mine. 

It's spectacular when two dreams converge and become one. 

Today was spectacular and surreal and completely unexpected. I have a hard time comprehending that I am here, in Paris, on a warm April evening, drinking Bordeaux out of a very fancy coffee mug writing my daily blog. I just went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, saw the Eiffel Tower glitter and witnessed my incredible daughter feel the kind of triumph that fuels the construction of monuments. 

I think sometimes people fault Lily for wanting--wanting to excel at crew, wanting to get the lead in a play, wanting to come to Paris, wanting to have all the things she wants. Lily's dreams and goals are not easy for a typical young woman; for a young woman who continually has had road blocks thrown directly in her path, her dreams and goals can seem impossible.

And I think people have a hard time watching struggle and an even harder time truly backing the underdog. I think so many of us would rather align with the easy way, the sure thing, the path of least resistance and the safe bet. And Lily is neither easy, sure, least or safe. 

Of course, these are the reasons why she is my hero. Lily has more naysayers and non-believers than I can count and she knows it. Yet, she still gets up every single and drives forward to the life she wants. Lily has shown me so much--how to conquer hard things, how to drive your own train in your life, how to smile with gratitude each day and how all the hard, unsure, complicated risky things are worth it. 

Dreams, friends, dreams are worth it.

Lily, the girl who conquered so many things, got her dream. And I know she has more dreams--which I can