On Parisian Fire Alarms (Day 107, Year 2)

This morning, which was the late evening at home, the fire alarm went off at our hotel. It was very confusing mostly because I thought it was, perhaps, our wake up call to start our day of doing everything in Paris. Anyway, it was not; it turns out that someone burnt a croissant. 

Which is probably the most Parisian reason for a false alarm--to blame a window that would not open and a burnt croissant. 

As a result of the fire that wasn't, we've been up since 5:45 am doing all the things--a city tour, Les Invalides,  Torcadero, the Eiffel Tower, walking along the Seine, the Louvre, Crepes and Rose and Quiche and bookstores and Notre Dame and all the amazing things. We are exhausted and I am not sure what day it is, exactly. The things that happened in the morning feel as if they happened days ago. It is a wonderful feeling to have done so much and filled everything moment and seen it all. 

There were several highlights--seeing all the incredible art at the Louvre; especially Leonardo Da Vinci's six paintings, including the Mona Lisa, visiting Les Invalides, strolling on the Seine, visiting the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, drinking rose and eating quiche at a side walk cafe and being with Lily, who is just absolutely amazing. 

We went into a very old medieval church called Le Chapelle du Saint Sacrament. I lit a candle for my brother--today is Easter and the day I think of how someday I will see him again. Lily asked for some Euros to light a candle--I asked for who and she said for Brooke.

Brooke is Lily's friend from our Alex's Lemonade family. Brooke died when Lily was in 5th grade. I remember the day and I remember the devastation and sorrow. Nothing can take away the sting of death completely and there is nothing that makes Brooke's death okay,  but to see the joy and love that surround Lily when she remembers her friend--well, it reminds me of why this Easter is the crux of our faith and that nothing can separate us from the love of God, not even death.

This trip is special friends, from exhausting day to exhausting day. This trip is special.