On not finishing blogs but planning to finish everything else. (Day 111, Year 2)

This week, during my whirlwind sojourn to France, I have not truly finished my daily blog entries. It has nagged at me--the abrupt endings that leave me wondering where the rest of the entry went. 

The good news is the 27 people who read my blog most likely do not ever reach the end, so they have not noticed my lack of completion. 

For the 9 who do read to the end, I am sorry, I've been busy visiting French chateaus and day drinking sparkling wine in a cave while my child wanders off with other teenagers buying odd things and looking for trouble. I also was briefly lost in slightly seedy neighborhood in Tours today (the first time I had more than 2 hours of free time since arriving nearly a week ago). 

And you know what, it's been wonderful to get lost and not finish things, except, of course, for my baguettes, I always finish my baguettes here. 

There will be time for finishing things when I return to regular life. In fact, I've started a mental checklist of all the things I'd like to finish upon my return, including:

1. Switching my closet to Spring and adding in endless floral skirts to wear with t-shirts, sneakers and jean jackets (like the new Frenchwoman I am!)

2. Building a labyrinth in my yard! I have to start now so by the time I have great-great-grandchildren and I am too feeble to walk independently, the hedges will be high enough for fun mazing!) 

3. Investigating if I can grow Wisteria on my garage, so my home can look like the French home it is because this French girl (ME!) lives there. 

4. Reading the Paris Bookseller (which was inspired by Shakespeare and Company, a bookstore!) which I sit at a sidewalk cafe (Saxby's) in my Spring Parisian ensemble, while I dream of my gardens.

5. Plan my next trip to France, of course! (My entire party of five is heading back this way in July, don't hate me! I cannot help it! I am French, I must be in France).