On Losing Track of the Hours (Day 113, Year 2)

Well, friends, for the first time since January 1, 2021, I missed a day writing in Yoke! I should be beside myself; but I decided that I have the time zone situation on my side and while it is not Saturday anywhere in the world; it is 2:40 am in Anchorage, Alaska and if I was there, I might still be awake and writing for Saturday. 

Anyway, it is no matter, because this is my blog and I make the rules (and bend them). So happy Day 113!

To recap Saturday: we woke up after having a bit of a lie-in (waking at 7:15 versus our regular 6:15), carried our stuff down 6 flights of winding, spiral Parisian stairs (Lily's suitcase included wine and books, which belonged to me, because my suitcase had my capsule wardrobe and a variety of cookies. Also note, the staircase had settled a bit and was on a slant.), ate breakfast (croissants, cheese, baguettes and espresso) and then headed for our morning walk. 

I think the best part of a morning walk is the ability to lose track of the hours, but at the same still be productive as you are up with the birds (v.v.v.v. noisy cooing pigeons in the case of France). We saw the Paris Opera House, then got into Le Maison La Gourmet at its opening to see all the glorious food, followed up a quick pop into the Galerie Lafayette, which should be a country all its own. The Galerie has endless floors and endless city blocks and endless shopping and very nice free bathrooms!

That is a joint where you could lose track of hours and only emerge when the security guards made you leave. 

Then, we went off to the airport, got on a plane and traveled backwards through time to home! It was glorious to see the rest of our family and even more glorious to grab a luggage cart. 

We chatted, traded pictures, distributed gifts, ate dinner (or breakfast? meals are confusing when losing track of the hours) and then at some point I fell into a very deep fairy tale princess like sleep on the couch, waking up to stumble to my bed (oh, how I missed my own bed!) and sleeping through the time change. 

Today, we are back at it all--the sports, the prep for the week and of course, planning our next trip to England and France for July. . .I cannot wait to lose track of the hours with the rest of my crew, especially in the Louvre. 

We had a marvelous guided tour of the Louvre, hitting the highlights. However, this time around, I'd like to stumble and explore a bit!