Into the woods, again. (Day 119, Year 2)

Well, friends, last week I was enjoying the chateaus of France and this week, I’ve managed to be diagnosed with a chronic illness and now, as it would seem, I’ve gone into the woods with Chloe to camp. 

It’s a whirlwind being me. 

I had intended upon writing more, but it is really cold in the woods. We are not allowed to have a fire because of the risk of forest fires. We are, however, allowed to build a charcoal fire, using trash as an accelerant, in a camp stove from 1974.

And if you are wondering, I did indeed build a charcoal fire using trash. We attempted to cook a special Harry Potter themed dessert. Why would we do this? Well the theme of camp this weekend is Harry Potter, so of course, we must lean into the theme.

The dessert did not turn out. In fact, it turned into a carcinogen and we had to bury it, earning the Marie Curie badge for radioactive waste disposal. 

Girl Scout camp is a far cry from France and a far cry from home. But the good news is that the air is so cold that my memory foam pillow have returned to original factory condition. 

For now, I shall wrap myself up in my mummy bag and have a last laugh with the other muggles (trying to get in the theme!) and dream of butter beer (or like a freaking hot toddy.).