Holy Cheerleaders (Day 91, Year 2)

I pulled out some of meditation books and notebooks tonight to prep for a meditation that I am going to lead with Chloe's Girl Scout troop tomorrow before a hike. I love pulling out my books and finding gems. The internet is wonderfully endless--but books are like treasure boxes. 

If you know me well, it won't surprise you that I don't often read non-fiction books in chronological order or even in their entirety. I love flipping and skimming and looking up key words in the index and sometimes, just opening the book to a random and page seeing if that I read greets me where I am. Today, I opened a meditation book I have and stumbled upon this passage from The Talmud:

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow."

I could read this passage every day for the rest of my life and find meaning. I am sure it brings something up for everyone. For me, it feels like a promise of endless, forever love. To think of myself as a blade of grass, with a dedicated Holy cheerleader whispering in my ear to do what I was made to do is truly a beautiful thing. And then to think of myself as that Holy cheerleader, well, that is the most beautiful thing. 

It's powerful, friends, to feel how much the ways we love and support one another matter. Grass is made to grow; and we are made to do endless things.  I think we all might have more than one Holy cheerleader whispering over us to do all the things we were made to do. I think we are those Holy cheerleaders for one another, whether we realize it or not. 

But we should realize it.

We are angels whispering (and whispering shouting if you have teenagers) to our kids, "I believe you, go, go, go." We are colleagues mentoring and supporting one another--cheerleading, "You got this." We are partners holding each other's hands (and if you are my husband, all my stuff), whispering, "I love you enough to believe you can do everything." 

We are friends who reach out in good times and in hard times, whispering, "I believe in you, you were built for this."