Distractions and Low Batteries (Day 92, Year 2)

At some point between yesterday and today, I misplaced my laptop power plug. When I turned on my laptop, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my laptop had 28% which would surely be enough to write tonight’s Yoke.

However, I got distracted by planning my wardrobe for France, yet again, then by scrolling though Facebook on my browser (it’s an entirely different experience versus the app!), an article about World War II and of course, Ancestory.com (it’s my weakness!). Before I knew it, I was down to 3% and then very quickly: the screen with the graphic plug icon appeared, judging as only a computer can. 

The graphic plug icon is really a freaking nag in my opinion. A total pointer-out of faults and personal failings.

Like, I realize I squandered my battery power and that I’ll spend the next 36 hours searching for my power cord and now have to write a blog using my cell phone (at least I have the giant iPhone which is specifically designed for the aged).

Anyway, it’s all fine because I did not have much to write about anyway. Writing everyday is both a recharge and a total drain on my battery.

Most days I feel energized and fired up. I’ve got a topic! Then there are days like today, when I am simply out of juice. I want to give up—it’s like when I am all snug in my bed and I have go to the bathroom, so I debate whether or not it is worth; weighing the chances of making it until morning against the horror of peeing myself. 

I haven’t wet the bed since like 1980; I always get up and go. And I always write this blog, even when I snug in not writing it.

But it does not mean it’s easy or without irritation. And on days like this, when my internal battery is all low and nearly out of juice, it can feel permanent and endless. I feel like everyday will be same: no inspiration, no words, no novel stories. 

But I know that’s a lie. I think I tell myself a lot of lies; like right now my cell phone has 5-percent and I actually think I can write this and post it without charging my phone. 

I mean it’s worth a try. . .