Bubble Gum Ice Cream (Day 102, Year 2)

Today, friends, is a day when the only solution is a half-gallon of bubble gum ice cream from Tanner Bros. There has been complete and utter chaos, a broken refrigerator/freezer, the dog situation and a myriad of other things that I cannot even begin to unravel lest I scream. 

But the good news is, no one screamed today, until about 5 minutes ago, when Nicholas screamed over having to stop eating candy/watch YouTube/rejoin society/do homework. Oh and Chloe, who is so worried about our dog Henry, it is heartbreaking. And maybe me, too. I screamed at an elderly gentleman trying to jaywalk. 

In my defense, jaywalking is a crime! I think! 

Anyway, today has been intense and there is no promise that tomorrow will be any better. In fact, it could be worse.

So, bubble gum ice cream, it is. 

Tanner's is this produce/ice cream/dairy/farm ship near my childhood home. It is an institution. I remember when our next door neighbor's daughter Valerie married one of the Tanner Bros. It was like she was marrying a Kennedy in my little girl mind--she'd have access to all that bubble gum ice cream! 

My Dad would pile us in our army green Volare and drive us to Tanner's for ice cream after a long day. For me, my long day probably consisted of arguing with my teachers or getting muddy in the crick behind my neighbors' houses or watching Gilligan's Island reruns (alternating with the Munsters and Addam's Family). 

For my Dad, I am pretty sure his long day consisted of adult calamities. Like that Volare having some sort of issue (it was not a reliable car) or my brother wandering off or worrying us or dealing with the teachers I'd quietly and viciously argue with over everything (from the right way to do a geometry proof to the quality of my storytelling).  

I'd get the same flavor ice cream every single solitary time: Bubble gum. And friends, while other ice cream joints have "bubble gum" on their menu, it is never comparable to Tanner's Bubble gum. I can taste every bit of rich cream goodness, splashed with just the right amount of pink bubble gum flavor. It is just perfection after a hard day of living in this freaking chaos. 

As my children say, "You cannot top it." I mean a working refrigerator, a healthy dog and non-screaming children would certainly be a lovely start in topping it. . . .but for now, a husband who finds himself in Bucks County and makes the stop for Tanner Bros for some Bubble Gum ice cream is really pretty perfect.