My Three (Day 75, Day 2)

In the beginning, when I first had three, keeping them together was easy. Lily was in first grade; Chloe in preschool and Nicholas just a little bean. We did everything together, always. Someone had dance, we all went to dance. Someone had a sport, we all had a sport. Someone had a doctors appointment, they all went in--a sweet little line of patients ready to tell the doctor everything. 

Then, they grew and found their own lives and likes and friends. Sports are at the same day as dance and dance at the same time as play practice and parties are no longer for my three, but for each one, invited on their own. We are forced to divide and conquer; drop off and run around. In the past couple years, it has often felt like my three are not one group of siblings; but three separate kids spinning in their own universes. 

And yes, of course, they are--they should be. They are different ages and different children and have different interests. And I love that. But, I also love them--my three--a trifecta of silliness and love and chaos. Their laughs are such a lovely symphony when they giggle over something one of them (usually Nicholas) said. 

The moments of them as one unit of three are limited these days. It makes me a little sad. But, earlier this year, Lily convinced her siblings to do the musical Annie with her. They all signed up. They fought every Sunday over Jazz shoes (somehow they are all the same size).  This week is tech week and it is exhausting. Last night was hard and they came home at odds with each other. 

But then there are nights like tonight, when they came home together filled with excitement over opening night tomorrow, giving each other compliments on their performances tonight at practice and talking with one another. They clammered around my kitchen, searching for late night snacks and ended up splitting some Ellios pizza, laughing about something that happened tonight; making that perfect symphony just like when they were 9, 6 and 2. 

And even though they are 16, 13 and 9, they are still my three, always.