Magical Makeup (Day 62, Year 2)

Friends, I have discovered the most magical make-up in the ENTIRE world. 

Picture it: it is a Thursday, but I mostly thought it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday. It is the day after I wrote about my failure and my plan to pray for my enemies. I've worked myself up into an absolutely state of hysteria. I've cried in front of people I never cry in front of. My face looks like a complete sad, hot mess (In fact the GrubHub delivery person asked if I needed help. Jennifer! I am fine! Thanks for caring!). 

And why was I hysterical? Because I am a lunatic who is prone to dramatic days, of course! 

I did not succeed in praying for my enemies. In fact, I did just the opposite and thought bad things about a woman who has given my daughter some trouble. Now, I feel badly, so I will pray that my negative thoughts do not manifest into anything awful for this awful, horrible, ridiculous. . . .lovely woman whom God has called me to love (or least not actively hate). 

But, anyway, after cursing the horrible woman whom God has called me to love, I descended into an absolute state of self-pity about what I was going to be when I grew up, what my life purpose is, what sort of writer I am and then very briefly researched"how to become a realtor, super fast after giving up your dreams on a bad day."

I am not becoming a realtor. It is too much work. 

Also, I am grown up, so I guess I am who I am going to be. 

Anyway, this whole dramatic, full blown mental breakdown resulted in very blotchy skin and puffy eyes that looked like slits beneath pillowy flesh. It was not pretty. And if you haven't figured it out, I am very vain! So, this state of visual affairs plunged me deeper into self-pity, until I realized I had to pull my life together to go out in public. 

So, I dug out my new Dior Makeup and friends, friends, it was LIKE MAGIC!

I am not particularly skilled at make-up application, but with my new set of old lady ready Dior makeup, I could just slap it on and line it here and there and dab it and then suddenly, my skin was even, the mirror was magic and I was no longer looking like a woman who had just attended 7 funerals in one day and wept at each one. 

I looked, well, normal! Refreshed! Mentally stable! 

I am not one of those things, but it sure feels good to pretend.