It's Tuesday, here. (Day 74, Year 2)

Well, friends, it is technically Wednesday here, if you track the day and time by using the actual literal clock and time. But, I don't do that, so let's call it Tuesday, even though it is 1:34 am on Wednesday. In my life, I am still doing Tuesday things because I haven't turned the page in my planner to Wednesday.

It's Tuesday, here. 

Today seemed like a good, busy day. I managed to work and run an errand and accomplish things (like wrapping empty boxes in Christmas paper as props and gather all the nude dancewear I could find) and remember to call PSEG about having my gas meter replaced (this was unsuccessful, but I did sign up for something that is supposed to save me money on my electric bill, but will definitely cost me more money because this is how things work, always). I got the kids off to Annie for their first tech week rehearsal and then out to drinks and dinner with my husband. 

Then, we had to clean up in preparation for the cleaners tomorrow morning. This always causes lots of angst in our household. Tonight, it was the eruption of complete pandamodium. I don't know why. I don't really care why. I just wish the hysteria and yelling would not happen. But, it is does. And it really sucks when the drama is over and you are left feeling how I feel now: sad, tired, a bit emotionally battered and still with things to do. 

The good news, is that it is Tuesday, here, so I've still got time to get my Tuesday things done and pull my life together, a little bit, for Wednesday. The bad news is, Tuesday is encrouching a lot on Wednesday's sleep, so I might need to nap tomorrow. 

It's a good thing I love naps. 

Anyway, I'll leave it at that because I desparately need to wrap up Tuesday before Wednesday is only left with an hour. 

Happy Tuesday, Friends!