F-R-A-N-C-E (Day 84, Year 2)

Guess what? In 20 days, I am going to FRANCE!

It's so exciting. I've never been to France! Mike went once at the end of a "business" trip during the holiday season and I forbade him from seeing the Eiffel Tower without me. 

It was not my finest moment; but it was a rough time in my life and super irritating that he was going on a "work vacation" while I was managing three children and Christmas and a birthday party and work and whatever else I decided was stressing me out. 

He did bring me back a handbag from Belgium. (And I did not prohibit him from enjoying Brussels and Belgian waffles and sprouts, which are not available in Brussels, by the way. I am not a monster.) 

Anyway, in a very hypocritical twist, I am going to France without him! And if he prohibited me from seeing the Eiffel Tower, I'd ignore him, completely. I am a jerk like that. But this time, I am going with Lily for her French class trip. How I ended up going is a long, not so positive story. . . but I did end up traveling to France out of the whole nonsense, so really how can I complain? 

(I mean I know how I can complain: very well! But I won't, for now.)

This will be my first trip to France this year. In July, the five of us are traveling to England and France as a family. Mike and I will visit our good friends and Nick's Godparents Jen and Ed, do the London thing and see Pearl Jam in Hyde Park (pinch me!!) before we head to France as a family to explore Paris! So everyone will get the Eiffel Tower in 2022! 

Anyway, I need to hustle with my French preparations. Thus far, we've renewed our passports (and have them in hand!).  I got my COVID booster yesterday (under duress, but it is the easiest way to be let in without a COVID test, so whatever). I've got my France and Paris Rick Steves guides locked and loaded to guide our free time explorations. I have my hair appointment booked for the day before we leave (roots will be fresh!). 

But, I am still trying to figure out my French capsule wardrobe! (Which is nearly as important as the passport and vaccination records!).  I've begun collecting a variety of new clothing which I won't end up bringing and I've filled carts at various online retailers with items I think I want. I am not a very efficient packer and I do like options and I change my mind a lot. And I've noted several times in this blog how I am very vain. I also would love to find time to buy some clothes in France and look local, but I do realize that sounds moderately ridiculous. 

I am just relived we are not forced to wear matching "Haddon Township High School" t-shirts in bright colors from the craft store.

Lily, who took a page from my rule playbook, has forbidden me from dressing as French painter. She also said I am not allowed to walk around with a baguette in my mouth all day. Nor am I allowed to speak French or attempt to speak French. And I am not allowed to ask more than one question a day. 

She is, however, allowing me to eat dinner with her at the top of the EIFFEL TOWER!