Breaking Up the Last Supper and other Situations (Day 86, Year 2)

Today, I was solo for church, flag football, lacrosse (double header!) and soccer Sunday. And we did it! We did all the things! 

I survived only by making compromises, the generous help of amazing friends (love you McCoaches and Julia!), sending my son to a bar (long story. perfectly reasonable.), breaking up the Last Supper (long story, again.) and enduring a 2 hour long chat with Samantha S., my Instacart shopper who was confused by peanut butter and salsa and pretzels and liked to ask questions about EVERYTHING. 

I feel very accomplished. 

There were just two failures: the almond milk explosion in the kitchen which involved a dog running through the almond milk puddle and spreading the almond joy around the house and, Chloe did not make it to her Frozen Jr. musical practice, because she was literally Frozen after playing two lacrosses games in the late March South Jersey Snow (which is as normal as me breaking up the Last Supper). 

Mike left on a plane in the morning. I'll see him Friday. Hopefully he recognizes the shell of a person I fully expect to become by then. 

Anyway, this is his job. And his job provides us such indispensable things like "money to pay the bills," "health insurance that covers therapy," and "a roof over our heads."

I mean someone has to earn a consistent income with health benefits around here.

Mike's traveled for work since I was pregnant with Chloe (nearly 14 years!) and I am used it. By it, I mean the mix of horror and joy: horror that I am left alone to be responsible and  joy at having unfettered access to the TV remote (that is if one of the children hasn't misplaced it or broken it and I can figure out how to actually turn the TV on).

Mike says he hates being away from us. I do believe that he believes he feels this way. He loves us. But, I am sure he was not sad to miss "the almond milk puddle and running dog situation." I also bet he is totally happy to miss the current "whining over newly discovered sports injuries bedtime routine situation." And I am sure he will not give a thought to missing the "dog who barks at everything outside situation" that starts in about 15 minutes. 

I do believe he definitely missed "the breaking up the Last Supper situation" because he always seems to enjoy my brazen hysteria and I know he would have enjoyed going to the bar with Nicholas. 

The good news is, when he is back, he will have unlimited access to all the "situations" (we specialize in brazen hysteria, explosions and going to bars around here).