Been up since 4:10am, but I am FINE (Day 90, Year 2)

Friends,  I AM FINE.  I mean it is 9:55pm and no one will go to bed or finish their homework and my son has been buying $50 in Robux for stupid freaking Roblox for days and I suspect everyone is crying and it is just really annoying and there is still so much to do and I've been up since 4:10am, but I AM FINE. 


If you are wondering why I've been up since 4:10am, it is because the dog woke me up 20 minutes before my 4:30am alarm, set to get up and transport Lily to the river for morning crew practice. 

The kids row with flashlights. And then they watch the sun come up and let me tell you, once you've seen one sunrise you have seen them all. DON'T EVER LET ANYONE CONVINCE YOU DIFFERENTLY! Unless you a sunrise sort of person. I am a sunset sort of person, so I just feel angry when I see the sunrising DAY AFTER DAY. 

Like enough, already. 

The funny thing is even though I've been awake for 17 hours and 51 minutes, I haven't showered nor have I filled the dishwasher or made my bed or folded the laundry or finished my enormous work list. Just where did the last 17 hours and 51 minutes go?

I did spend 2 hours and 17 minutes this morning delivering lost and forgotten critical objects to all three schools. Chloe said that my arrival 2 minutes after the start of language arts may have jeopardized her straight A status and suggested the next time she forgets something that I bring it over more promptly. 


I also spent several hours attending a virtual influencer conference for work. I did (briefly) nod off while on a 1:1 call. Luckily my camera was off and I could blame technology (silly platform!). Also lucky; she was able to wake me up, virtually. 

I did nod off several other times as well. Once, while mid-sentence and then Nicholas woke me up by pulling my leg and shouting "ARE YOU DEAD?". Another time, I was stirring the sloppy joe casserole I made for dinner and just dozed a little on the kitchen counter (lucky my hair did not catch on fire!). 

I also nearly hit a goose (again!), but it was not my fault! GET OUT THE ROAD GEESE! NO ONE NAPS IN THE ROAD (I mean I probably would. I should not judge, maybe they were also awake for 17 hours and 51 minutes). 

I did accomplish setting up several meetings (for the future, on non 4:10 am days). And I finalized my capsule wardrobe plans for France! (I've been obsessing!). And I drafted a strange email to a first cousin once removed about a dream I had about my uncle when I nodded off and Nicholas thought I was dead. I did not send it (mostly because I nodded off) and I am thinking I probably should not because it might be delusional. 

It involved searching for seashells and the meaning of life. 

OMG I cannot even believe I just wrote that all down here, in my blog, that EVERYONE (well, you, at least) reads. I'd delete it but I am too tired to bother. Fingers crossed you will nod off, like I just did, and not read about the seashell situation or the goose or really any of it.