The Final Countdown (Day 58, Year 2)

Friends, today is February 27, 2022. You must know what that means! Right?!

The picture is a hint.

Well, in case, the weekend has dulled your memory and made you confused about the days of the week, I'll tell you! 


Which means we all have less than 3 days to get all our coffee, wine, chocolate, complaining, sinning and generalized bad behavior in before we turn to the season of Lent and inward focus and attempting to be better in some way. 

I dislike Lent. I am sure I mentioned this before. It always feels like a lot of pressure and for Protestant me, the terms of Lent seem a bit vague. We don't traditionally "Give something up" for Lent like our Catholic friends; we also are encouraged to consume meat whenever we would like, but there are also Lenten Devotionals and Lenten studies. There is definitely encouragement to be more inwardly focus as we mark the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, His last supper, His journey to the Cross, His Sacrifice for us, His love for us, His death, His resurrection, the empty tomb and the whole basis of Christianity. 

It is like sort of a big deal season.

And I never really feel like I get my proverbial money's worth out of the season. No part of the trinity could pry coffee out of my hands for 40 days or make me give up sugar or stop me from complaining. I have no interest in any of this. And yeah, I get that is the point-to suffer and give up some vice for Jesus. And it is a small thing compared to dying and going to hell and then reanimating and appearing to people. But friends, I AM WEAK. 

So, I prayed about this today while I was at church listening to my graceful, warrior child Lily share her story, in her words to our church and become confirmed as an adult member, reaffirming her baptism and her commitment to God. (I also prayed that the people who sat in a restricted row behind me and discussed the stomach bugs circulating through their home were not contagious). 

I prayed again this afternoon. 

And I prayed, just a little, before I started writing this. I would have prayed more but each of my children kept interrupting me with problems (the door isn't cracked exactly 2 inches, something smells, it's dark and where is Daddy?). 

I thought about dedicating Lent to finding more meaningful time with my kids. (But, friends, they get a lot of time.). I thought about maybe giving up some sleep to get up early and spend time being Jesusy (or doing Suduko or both!). I thought about giving up shopping. I thought about sugar (I was eating a cookie right before I prayed.). And then I thought about adding something in, which is something that several friends have suggested before.  And then, I thought about more things and how heavy the world is and how much the world needs God's love. 

It's a lot. It is a big season. 

I do think I have some ideas for myself this year; but I am going to sit with them, pray some more and wait until the very last minute to decide how to do Lent this year.