Sunday List of Accomplishments (Day 37, Year 2)

There are many days when I feel like all I've accomplished is getting more behind on my to-do list and somehow enraging every member of my family. 

Today is one of those days. 

The best cure for feeling unaccomplished is make a not-so-humble list of accomplishments for the day. So, here's what I accomplished today:

1. I continued with my 2022 goal of ignoring my family more and reading more by finishing my 9th book of the year, Lucky by Marissa Stapley. This was such a light, sweet read and the perfect follow up to The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan (which was amazing, but disturbing). I enjoyed Lucky and its nice to have some charming con artist characters with good hearts filling the pages of a book! 

2. I offered my children 3 meals, which they actually consumed! This is UNHEARD OF in this house! My children are famously known as the kids who complain about every meal without fear of seeming rude or ungrateful. But today, they ate! Dinner was a big win--marinated flank steak, steamed broccoli and an incredible soba noodle and veggie salad. I still think it is a trick and I'll find soba noodles hidden behind the radiator. 

3. I ate lunch OUT with my husband (no children!). Somehow we found secret time and managed to squeeze in a lunch date to the city. It was glorious and quiet. 

4. I rode my Peloton for nearly an hour, but more notable, I am catching up on Real Housewives of Orange County! I am still a season behind, so I am reliving the pandemic with the ladies in the OC. Remember how we thought we had to mask outside? Remember how people were wearing face shields? Remember how March to May felt like 2 years? Remember that we are about to enter year 3!? The drama makes me pedal faster. 

5. I half-assed cleaned out my closet. This included removing all the random shipping boxes that end up in there and taking some laundry and putting it in a laundry basket in the closet, which I will root through tomorrow hysterically looking for my "favorite black leggings.

6. I wrote in Yoke! I know this should be obvious, but my family does not ever notice anything I do, so I have no idea if anyone would notice this obvious fact even while reading the stuff I wrote in Yoke.