Old is In (Day 39, Year 2)


I had my hair refreshed today--returning to my semi-natural rose gold and fixing up the shag bags. I love the 70s vibe of it all. After all, I was born in the 1970s. 

Which makes me, well, it makes me, you know, it makes me on the cusp of being old. In fact, when I think about being born in the 1970s, I then think of how we are living in an entirely different century and it is not even early in the century anymore. Historians will not classify this time as the "turn of the century," they will classify it as an actual decade in this century and that entire thought process pushes me off the cusp and onto the edge dangling by my heels, peering straight into my future as a senior citizen. 

Which is a blessing, of course. It is not so much I am bothered by being older, it is just a bit of a new sensation to suddenly be firmly in the middle and the only way to look is forward to my elder years. 

But, friends, I discovered some hope today in the form of a social media and food trend that a PR agency alerted me to in a work memo. Apparently, hibiscus is a TRENDING ingredient. It is being added to foods for its rich color and health benefits. 

Do you know who takes a hibiscus supplement and sips endless cups of hibiscus tea (to promote a healthy blood pressure)? 

This old broad with the rose gold feathered hair

I AM TRENDY! Old is in! 

And it's a good thing. Because I've descended into a strange place of discussing health ailments--with everyone, even young people who used to find me charming and now most likely think of me as THEIR MOTHER! I also discuss doctors, blood work, nutrition, creative uses for Laughing Cow cheese and my favorite: my 10-minute supplement routine, which, of course, includes hibiscus for healthy blood pressure support, turmeric with cracked black pepper for inflammation, fish oil for my brain and my digestion and magnesium l-threonate for brain health. Of course, I toss a couple scoops of collagen in my hibiscus tea for my hair and skin. 

I won't discuss the probiotics, b, d, c, zinc, cranberry and other things I take. It's all snake oil, but I am not willing to give it up. Don't even try to steal my supplements. I'll whack you with my rattan handbag (also trending for Spring!). 

I think I just became instantly of retirement age by listing those supplements. BUT at least the hibiscus is trending! 

Skin care products are other favorite discussion topics.  In fact, a friend, whose name shall remain confidential to protect their image of youth, asked me for skin tag solutions. And I HAD ONE!

(Does anyone have an eye cream they love? DM me!) 

I am like the old voodoo priestess in the woods in Princess and the Frog. . Mama Odie. That's me. Only I am a white lady in New Jersey with an Amazon Prime account.

(I also have begun discussing funerals and obituaries in casual conversation.)

However, there is hope and it is not just in the hibiscus trend! Today at Target, I saw several teenagers with purposely white hair. I have white hair which I color something other than white, on purpose. So, while I cannot embrace this white haired trend (and I should not have to! I am a mature woman!); it does warm my heart to be reminded: