I've had better. (Day 59, Year 2)

The final straw today was when the blender wouldn't work. It's so fancy that you cannot make it blend unless the lid is on just right and the lid would not go on just right, rendering it useless because it would not do the thing it is named for which is to blend. 

I cried over the blender, silently, to myself, because no one in this household has the patience for my tears. In fact, if they saw me crying it would have just interrupted their own self-reflection and led to intense irritation.

This is what it is like around here sometimes. 

Mike and Nicholas did try to help me. But I did not want saving. I just wanted the freaking blender to do its job without drama. 

Anyway, somehow through shit luck, prayer and angry button pressing, I got the blender to work. I did not feel victorious, I felt, well, irritated that in the end all my hardworking and silent tears just resulted in a smoothie.

It wasn't even very good. I've had better. 

Guys, it's been a Monday. I worked hard and accomplished very little. I will enter Tuesday ill prepared and filled with stress. I will not sleep well even though I am exhausted. I've been yelled at by every member of the household, including my mother, who is upset with me for some mystery reason. It's the sort of day where you work really hard and all you get is simply, well, not very good. 

I've had better days. And hopefully tomorrow is one of them.