Enjoy Your Virtuous Day (Day 48, Year 2)

Some breaking news!

I am considering changing my closing in all written correspondence. For the past 20 years, I've signed off with "Cheers." I believe I adopted "Cheers" when I began drinking at bars (versus in North Philly Frat Houses). It fit my personal brand rather nicely. 

BUT, in these ever trying and changing times, "Cheers" just does not do it. Just about everyone is the opposite of "Cheery," and sitting at bars is all Covid-y and stuff. It might be dated, like me, but still, I need to appear young, fresh and timely ! I need my closing to be relevant. 

(I entertained closing my correspondence with "Best" but I am not my best these days.) 

I think I am going to begin to sign all correspondence with:

"Enjoy your virtuous day"

It's direct. And since I am surrounded by pillars of perfection, I think it is ideal! 

You are probably wondering what in the world I am prattling on about (I know my husband does). So, here's the back story. 

Yesterday, my middle daughter was home sick.

I know you are all currently contact tracing and panicking. I'll leave you to it. Yoke will be here when you get back. 

Okay, now that you've gotten that out of the way. I want to tell you that I am not going to tell you what was wrong with her. In fact, when the school called and asked her symptoms, I automatically and almost involuntarily said I would not disclose her symptoms. My outburst surprised me. I've been so overly compliant with the disclosure of medical information. 

And I almost apologized; but then I thought, you know, this is how I feel today. My family recently had COVID. We are not required nor will the nurses suggest we test for COVID at this point. My daughter was not at school; therefore not near other students. Of course, there is the before and after. And yes, this is a global pandemic.

I am not irresponsible when it comes to the mitigation of communicable disease (hello! Cancer mom over here!).  I am tired from the shaming and shunning over every sneeze and cough and stomach ache.  I am not perfect. I am burnt out. And I am over it. I am over explaining how many people were at a wedding I attended and if it was inside or out. I am over sharing every sniffle. I am over saying "my child isn't feeling well today" and then having to explain every last detail of their feelings and their life. If I say, "oh they need a day," or "oh their stomach is upset," or "they have an appointment," the inquisition begins. 

Anyway, I shared this story of my burn out and was practically SLAUGHTERED. It was explained to me that I was not "doing my part," and suggested that I did not believe in airport screenings and I do not support teachers. 

I mean, WHATEVER! (Enjoy your virtuous day!). 

This is not the first time this has happened and won't be the last. 

I am burnt out on my attempts to be virtuous. I am not giving up on COVID precautions; I am not sending my sick kids out in the world to spread germs. I am not going to be irresponsible or reckless. But, I am giving myself the grace to admit when I am overwhelmed and to not stand stoically and pretend everything is fine. I am going to continue to try my best. 

I cannot live up to impossible standards. I know some of you can and some of you believe that you must, so to you, I say, enjoy your virtuous day. 

I am going to go Cheers some of my non-virtuous associates.