All the feels, which is a saying I hate, BTW. (Day 50, Year 2)

GUESS WHAT!? Today is the 50th day in a row that I've written in 2022 AND the 415th day in a row I've written since January 1, 2021. 

Isn't that amazing? People who know me, I mean really, really, really know me, will understand what a huge accomplishment this is for someone like me. My lifestyle is all over the place, I am scattered, changeable and distracted by all the things all the time. I rarely stop to smell the roses (or the weird smell coming out of my son's room) because I am always flitting around from one thing to another. 

These 415 days have been the most constant thing I've ever done outside of breathing. 

I should get a fancy plaque or something to celebrate! 

It feels pretty good. You know what else feels pretty good? (not the saying "all the feels," that saying is stupid and glamorizes touching, in my opinion.) The following things:

1. Smooth transitions in writing. My writing transitions are becoming smooth like butter. Speaking of butter, I had no idea that several fake butter spreads from our childhood were banned because of their toxic ingredients! Isn't this interesting? 

2. Movie night with my family in a movie theater. I always enjoy going out into the public with my family! I am just so proud of them! We all laugh at the same inappropiate things and are brilliantly funny. I know other theater-goers might not appreciate our laughter or side conversations or lost shoes or constant decision making over whether or not someone wants an Icee refill now or later. But, that's their problem. I love us and I love us together. PS Spider-man was fabulous!

3. French Toast Casserole. For two weeks, my mind has been filled with french toast casserole chaos. It's a really long story, that includes two Heather, mistaken identity, bossy people, 12 cups of cream cheese drizzle and surprise chafing dishes. But, in the end it all worked out and I think I made a new bestie. (She isn't aware yet, but Joanne, I am coming for you, BFF!) 

4. Finishing a feel-good book! I finished The Authencity Project before dawn while my french toast casserole with cream cheese drizzle baked. This book is on my top ten list of feel good books that absolutely do not give me "all the feels," (because that is a saying I hate, but cannot stop using today) but does give me joy and warm fuzzies (also a stupid saying.). This book is sweet without giving you intellectual diabetes and smart without being totally tragic. Read it! 

5. Lanebreak on Peloton. I love my Peloton and now, I love it even more with Lanebreak! It is a game-based ride that has you accelerating and maxing your output for points, changing lanes by changing resistance and working on control by maintaining cadance, all in a fun video game platform! It is so much fun and my kids love it too! 

6. Drowsy Saturday Afternoons with Reality TV. Our weekends are a bit intense with sports and theater for each of the kids. I was up so early today for the french toast casserole with cream cheese drizzle making that I had to rest. It was so delightful to lounge in my room and watch my girls the Real Housewives of the OC. I love those ladies. 

7. Wordle, of course! I love my morning Wordling and now I Quordle and I also Wordle2. And then I tossed in a Suduko (which I never finish). Wordle gives me such fulfillment (not all the feels, obviously).