About this bowl of tortellini (Day 43, Year 2)

Let's just jump right in and talk about this large upside down sun hat of tortellini, that I was served last night at Hearthside:

Hearthside is this boujee, trendy restaurant about a mile from our house. It's in town; but attracts loads of out-of-towners who like to wear neutral, earth tone separates and greet both familars and strangers with elbow bumps. Reservations are difficult to snag; but not impossible. The menu is always changing. There are lots of candles. The food is extraordinary. The plating, as noted, above, is very creative?

That is five (5!) tortellinis stuffed with purple sweet potato in a delicious light, spicy, but savory broth. (It was excellent!). Normally, I'd make a comment like, "It was so good, I wanted to jump in the bowl with it," but alas, I would not fit, there is no room in the hat. 

In fact, there was not really room on the table for the hat/bowl. One would assume five (5!) tortellinis would not take up much space, but when plated in a hat with a diameter of 36 inches, it becomes a balancing act. 

This is how they do things at Hearthside: with complications and flourishes. 

It all makes me uncomfortable and then in turn, feel very uncool. And I am many, many things, but I am not uncool (except to teenagers and the waiter who I refused to elbow bump)! However, when my third course arrived (an amazing piece of fish with an amazing savory mushroom broth) it was served in a very deep bowl. The bowl was so deep that I was not tall enough to reach the bottom. I had to lift and tilt my bowl to eat. 

And it felt very, very uncool. 

Of course, when we left and my husband agreed to take selfies with me, I regained my cool factor. There is nothing cooler than a middle-aged selfie shoot on a street corner in February, am I right?