Theme Days (Day 9, Year 2)

Santa Theme Day 2020

I am hard at work on my 90-day plan and tonight I tasked myself with the section on the creation of Theme Days! The planner suggests you assign a theme to every single day of the week, in order to live with passion and productivity. The theme can help you focus your energies and give you a routine every week. 

I do LOVE a good THEME!

The suggested themes were things like: Self-care Sunday, Passion Project Tuesday, Fun Friday (when you go to your country house. . .This planner might be intended for someone more bougee than me). 

These themes are boring and unrealistic! Who can focus entire day on self-care! And passion projects! What are we art school students? Heiresses with country houses? (I WISH!). 

I came up with my own themes for days of the week! I am so excited and I just know these will help me stayed focused and in my routine over the next 90 days. Without further adieu, here are my theme days for 2022:

1. Think About It Sunday: On Sundays, I prepare for the week, while also attending/driving to several sporting events, religious activities and theater practices. My preparation includes not actually preparing, but more thinking about preparing. 

2. Make a List Monday: This is the day for making lists of impossible things to complete! 

3. Taco Tuesday: This is when I spend the entire day in meetings and dreaming of tacos. Then it is dinner time and I usually don't have ingredients for tacos, so I cannot eat tacos. BUT in 2022: I pledge to change this! 

4. Another Monday Wednesday: On Wednesdays, I realize I am behind on the list I thought about on Sunday, made on Monday and wasn't able to complete on Tuesday (due to meetings and new for 2022, taco preparation). It is basically like Monday all over again, with a few meetings like on Tuesday. 

5. SHIT I HAVE NO TIME THURSDAY: On Thursdays, which are typically meeting free, I have to cram everything in because there is no time left in the week and I wasted it all making tacos, lists and thinking.  

6. Angry that nothing is fun Fridays: Fridays are for emergencies, meetings (even though they are banned on Fridays everywhere), catastrophes and working late, while becoming angry that nothing is fun anymore. 

7. Want to Sit on the Couch Saturdays: Saturdays I want to sit on the couch. BUT I cannot, because there are things and things and things to do! I will spend the day wanting to sit on the couch and getting angry at the people in my house who do sit on the couch. It's an emotionally charged day! (without meetings!)

What's your theme look like?