The Encore (Day 1, Year 2)

Well, here, I am again, the encore performance of Yoke. 

Last year on Day 1, I wrote about all my goals for the year. I've been thinking about my 2022 goals for weeks. I cannot come up with anything revolutionary. 

But I know one thing: I will write every, single, day. 

Beyond that, I am going to try to:

  1. Get published, with my byline. 
  2. Develop new writing relationships with other writers and publishers. 
  3. Keep writing about special education, childhood cancer, organ donation and Jesus (you know, light topics)
  4. Read 60 books. 
  5. Get more people to read Yoke. 
The last goal feels heavy to me; but I do want more readers to Yoke. I am still impressed by my small circle of loyal, daily readers. You know who you are and well, I think you have the best taste!

Last year, I just wrote and posted on my personal Facebook page. This year, I am going to put my professional hat on and give Yoke a design facelift, reinvigorate my Facebook page, use my Instagram account and see how far and wide I can share my writing.  

I also want to explore my writing voice more. Sometimes, I feel like I lose my voice or that my tone is flat or dull or rote. I worked so hard in 2021 to write frequently; this year I want to write more beautifully about things that are ugly and beautiful. 

I also want to dig into my physical health more--create more space to be good to my body, so it can carry me through the next 50+ years. 

I do have some stretch goals, like:
  1. Podcasting: I'd love to have a podcast or be on a podcast. 
  2. Writing 1 book (Can I do it? Maybe?)
  3. Completing 650 rides on the Peloton (that's 200 for this year!).
  4. Getting more sleep
  5. Getting back to yoga and meditation. Maybe teaching again?
Lastly, I've got some awesome things planned, like:
  1. Two trips to France
  2. Pearl Jam in London (and time with Nick's godparents in England!)
  3. Celebrating my kids turning 16, 13 and 10!
2022 will be another great year. I know there will be challenges (there always are); but I confident we will all get through it, together. 


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