Someday They Thank You (Day 22, Year 2)

Throwback to my baby Lily. 
My oldest was working on her Statement of Faith tonight for Confirmation Class. She was last minute (it's due in the morning); but God does love a procrastinator. His only son did hang out on earth for 40 days after dying. . .talk about procrastinating. 

Of course, I've been nagging Lily about her Statement of Faith for weeks. I am not even ashamed to fully admit the levels to which I've harped, nagged, aggressively asked, prodded and reminded her to get this done. My theory is that someday she won't have me in her home telling the right thing to do, so I have to make sure my voice is permanently seared in her brain. 

Lily finds this theory generally unpleasant. Her retorts have varied from silence to whining to screaming and the classic: shouting all the ways in which I am incorrect and how I cannot-possibly-understand-her-life.

Someday, she'll thank me. 

And, funny thing, she sort of thanked me today! (Teenagers are truly a funhouse ride!)

She called me up to her room. I assumed she got stuck in the bathroom, again. The door is sticky. But, she wanted to thank me. 

I immediately thought it was a trick. Alas, I was wrong and underestimated my kid. She wanted to thank me for praying over her *"like a crazy embarassing person," because it helped her feel connected to God. (and she even mentioned me by name--Mom, not MOTHER!--in her Statement of Faith). 

I was just about undone and I remain humbled by this. I pray over Lily because of how much I love her and how precious she is. It sometimes feels selfish--maybe she does not care if she wins a race or gets a lead and maybe I am praying for the wrong things. But, as Lily also told me tonight, my words don't matter so much because God knows my heart. 

And, she said, "I have you to thank for helping me realize that MOTHER. NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT."

I told you, it is a Funhouse ride. 

*My husband tonight had no idea that I pray over the children. I guess I have to start praying over him!