SO BUSY (Day 25, Year 2)

Note: the mess. 
Update: (regarding my "messy" post yesterday)I have not cleaned anything, except maybe my left ear with a Q tip. I got distracted and never made it to the right ear. 

However, I am somehow feeling less messy than yesterday. I think, truly, that I am now so messy that everything just blends together like mush and I don't really see it anymore. This is absolutely a lie, but I am going to tell this lie until I believe it. 

I think my attitude about the mess is also called: "giving up,"  "seasonal depression," "being lazy," and of course, the most wonderful excuse people give for everything, in the entire world,"so busy."

I've been complaining about all the "SO BUSY" people in my life since 2008 when I first started Yoke. When you say "SO BUSY" you say it like you say "SO BIG" while lifting up a baby's arms. 

Try it with me and lift up your own arms (unless you've got a baby or willing cat nearby) and say in that lovely sing song voice we reserve for tiny humans in diapers, "SO BUSY."

Doesn't it feel DIVINE? Like you are just so special and amazing and shiny and, of course, busy. It is so life affirming to be busy and important and necessary. OH, I am just so busy! I am smiling just saying it. 

It's a bit bizarre, the smile part. 

I've spent today telling everyone that I am just "so busy. " They ask how are you and I say, "Oh you know, great, minus my hair thinning from COVID. But it is all good, because, I am just, like, so busy, that I don't even have time to fixate on it all." Or when someone thanked me for sharing some learnings from a content audit I put together and I was just so gracious and said, "Anytime! I am so busy, but you snagged me at the right time."

Guys, I am not "SO BUSY." I don't know why I say that! It makes me irritated at myself. "SO BUSY" is the ultimate humble brag, "oh, of course I am SO BUSY, but I wouldn't miss your funeral for anything!" 

It's, like, SO ANNOYING. And I am sorry to anyone that I "so busied" today. I am a jerk. 

I did have several meetings and lots of emails and one call that I just whined on about what I want to be when I grow up. Spoiler alert: everyone knows I want to be "SO BUSY."  I think we were meant to be discussing serious oncogenic things, but I derailed it, because I am "SO BUSY" wasting time. And I do have lots of deadlines and things I am juggling and should clean and have to finish planning a party and should exercise and tend to my children and remember to buy dog food. 

But, I am not "SO BUSY" that I did not have time for my daily Wordle and Oodle and Wordle and Oodle discussion time with several people in several different states, times zones and continents. I even found time to worry about those escaped monkeys who are "SO BUSY" spreading bioterrorism. (Note: I am definitely "so busy" that I cannot make it to bioterrorist monkey country in Pennsylvania. I think the Delaware River will hold them off. For now). 

And with that, I have to run, because my son, who is supposed to be sleeping just shouted, "Mommy, I am SO BUSY that I cannot sleep."

It's infectious, this "so busy" thing. Everyone, stay viligant and busy calm.