On Salad Dressing (Day 2, Year 2)

I came up with the most revolutionary goal for 2022:

I am going to exclusively make my own salad dressings!

When I was a kid, my Granddad had his own "homemade" concoction for dressing his salad: two parts Kraft Catalina dressing and one part Wishbone Italian. My Nana did not like this concoction one bit. So like our trips to the race track to bet on horses (usually my idea!), this was one of our secrets. 

I am not a fan of store-bought salad dressing. It is salty, heavy and often has a strange, unreal taste even when "all natural." 

And you know what: I am done with store-bought salad dressings controlling MY LIFE. 

You see, my revolutionary goal is both about making delicious, non-sodium/sugar-laden dressings for my salad and all about taking more homegrown control of my life.   

Just like a store-bought dressing raises my blood pressure as its sodium content constricts my blood vessels, there are lots of other things in my life that are unnecessary that also control the way I operate. This year, I am going to work to get rid of those pre-made constraints and return to the basics: a little bit of this and a little bit of that all shaken together in a mason jar. 

(Speaking of which, I received an excellent Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas filled with lovely salad dressing recipes to make in mason jars!)

Friends, how you dress your salad influences how you experience your salad from taste to digestion to long term weight gain. The same is for how you dress your life! 

(I know I sound a bit off-kilter, but I know I am right! I always am, ask my husband!)

I don't want to dress my life in arguments and anxiety and fighting and too much laundry and endless stress. I want to dress my life in harmony and faith and clean underwear folded nicely and placed in a drawer. 

(If I could hire someone to do the laundry bit, well all the bits, I will. Although this is definitely defeating the purpose of making my own salad dressing and life. Anyway, I digress!). 

I want to wake up each day and pick out the ingredients I want to dress my day with--maybe I am feeling energetic and ready to take it all on. Maybe I am feeling introverted and need a day to think. Maybe I am feeling unsettled and need a day to run it off. I cannot always pick everything that is in my salad bowl on the day, but I can pick my approach to it all. 

I don't need to sit and wonder what plans my clients have for me--no friends! I have plans for them (that align perfectly with their business needs and are not too pushy, of course!). I don't need to think, hmmmm, what will happen next? NO! I know what will happen next, because I am the one tossing all that stuff in a mason jar and giving it a few vigorous shakes! 

To end my insane salad dressing motivational speech, which I know is changing lives right now, I just what to say that we should all make our own salad dressings and our own lives. Life is too short to eat a wilty salad that will lead to chronic hypertension and a thickening of your mid-section! 

So, friends, go SHAKE THINGS UP (in a mason jar, while wearing a surgical or N95 mask, staying 6 feet part, avoiding singing and following all CDC guidelines.).