No. 450 (Day 15, Year 2)

Several exciting things happened this Saturday--Lily had crew, I watched mentally ill people run in 13 degree weather along a river in Philly, my littles started town basketball (Mike and I each had run-ins with people to begin the games) and Lily started practice for her high school musical production and, in super exciting news, my skin no longer matches the gray pallor of the stone head planter in my bathroom.

I mean FINALLY! 

I've been comparing my skin tone to hers since the 'Rona began here. My hair is still oddly flat. Her head of greens is looking much more voluminous than my own head of multicolors. 

Oh and I did my 450th ride on the Peloton. I did not realize it was my 450th ride until it was over and I received my little electronic badge. 

Since I've been recovering from COVID, I have not felt energetic enough to do a full, sweaty ride. I've just been hopping on the bike and selecting "Just Ride" while I watch a bad sitcom on Netflix and moving my legs and finding my stamina again. 

I thought about deleting number 450; and trying to do a live ride tomorrow, getting there early to try to garner an instructor shout-out and waiting for all the high-fives from fellow live riders. I've done this for all my other milestone rides--50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400. I've even posted in some of my Peloton groups about my ride, asking strangers to ride live with me. My kids have even made me signs and it's been a whole over done thing. 

But that all seemed exhausting and desperate and like I was trying too hard. 

So, instead I celebrated ride 450 by giving myself a quiet round of applause and planning what I am going to wear when I leave the house tonight to go on a date with my husband! I have not been out with him alone since sometime in November or October 2021.

Thus far, I've decided to wear, something or other. Cheer to No. 450, heathy skin, the prospect of voluminous hair and Saturday night date nights!