Confessing to all the things I have not done (Day 19, Year 2)

I have a confession:

There are so many things I haven't done! And I am totally not stressed out about it at all. 

Which is unlike me, but new year, new me and I am trying to shake things up! For example:

  • I have not started my "Next 90 Days," of magical goal attainment! I've was working through what my goals are for the next 90 days and then I got bored with it and I stopped. 
  • I have not fully taken down Christmas yet. Mike has done most of the de-Christmasing and I've pretended to put things in boxes in a very dramatic fashion. (Note: this pretending takes a lot of energy!)
  • I have not written one word in the book in 2022. 
  • I have not really done much laundry. 
  • I have not updated the master calendar of activities, which has lead to some scheduling conflicts, but you know what:

It's all OKAY! Scheduling conflicts happen. Sometimes you wear dirty leggings while you gaze upon your Christmas tree in February and think about all those goals you might start on tomorrow. Sometimes, people can wait for you to reply and you don't have to apologize for taking so long, because who cares!? Sometimes you just take a little while. 

(A writer friend, who also mother to one of Lily's best pals, pointed out the last part to me. Then she also accidentally reminded me I had not written any words in the book; but simultaneously reminded that it is okay. She is the best!)

Because all of this is okay! 

It is okay to confess to everything you haven't done and decide it is not a judgement against you nor is it a sign of your lack of responsibility. It just is what it is because what everything is, is stressful and chaotic and joyous and mad and unpredictable. And you cannot do it all; even when you think you can. 

And the words will come, you will buy new leggings at Costco (eliminating the need to do regular laundry), you will work towards your goals and the calendar will always be there, silently judging you in the way inanimate objects do (but they cannot trash you, so there's that, at least). 

Cheers to confessing all the things I have not done (like take out the trash. . . . I make the children do that!)