Areas of Concern (Day 31, Year 2)

I took all three children to the dentist today. 

First, there was the leaving of the home. Lately, I've found it challenging to find the motivation to pull myself together to leave the house. I've been feeling like I cannot muster enough motivation to efficiently get ready in under 2 hours. There is a lot of staring at walls and pondering lip stick colors. 

And I cannot leave the house without lipstick, even when I am forced to wear a mask. The mask makes everything harder because then I want to assess the staying power of my lipstick. I have some of that permanent Lipsense stuff; but it makes my lips tingle unpleasantly and adds at least 7 minutes to my slow moving "get ready for mundane tasks" routine. 

I think I am becoming a recluse. 

Anyway, then I had to pick up the children at their schools. Apparently, the middle school does not get its driveway properly cleared of snow. As a middle child, I am offended by this oversight! I watched one parent, who was dropping off a lunch, take 7 minutes to shuffle from their car to the door. 

It gave me time to reapply my lip gloss, before putting on my mask.

ANYWAY, after 4 hours of preparation, we finally got to the dentist. Lily was overjoyed that she finally did not have any dental issues (preematurity + radiation to your brain as a baby can affect your teeth. Thanks a whole effing lot universe!). Chloe was happy that she, yet again, did not have cavities but very upset about an "area of potential concern" that is "being put on the watch list" and demanded sealants for her teeth (I guess she watches dental hygiene videos on YouTube). 

We were all SHOCKED that Nicholas did not have any cavities. (He stole a pound of sugar and used it to "exfoliate" his mouth last year.)

We made our next cleaning appointments and ortho consult appointments and skipped out the door for a quick lunch. 

AND THEN. . .my phone rang. 


Apparently, they forgot to look at Nick's X-rays and he does have a cavity, plus 5 "areas of concern for the watch list" 

Every last one of us (except for Chloe, who gloats about her teeth and her eyesight), felt defeated, especially Nicholas. In his sweet little boy mind, he had brushed his teeth really well and he had learned from the sugar exfoliation episode of November 2021 and he was rewarded for doing all the right things with a lovely, clean, cavity-free dental report.  I mean in truth, he is a lazy brusher and I suspect hides sugar under his pillow. 

BUT, still, it really stinks when you think you've finally gotten ahead of the game, especially when you've tried your best. It is defeating, right? 

I feel defeated at least 100 times a day. Like, today, when I went to grab the chicken curry out of the fridge to toss in the crockpot, I was feeling so together on meal planning. Then, I dropped a carton of eggs on the ground. 

Like, really, why can't I have just one thing?! 

But, that's never how it works. Life is about trying to get ahead, failing, complaining and then smiling, with your lovely, freshly cleaned smile, with just a couple "areas of concern," tucked way in the back.