The Review Before the Review (Day 363-something)

It is Day 363-something (I messed up the day count and I don't care what Google or counting has to say about it.). The year is almost over. I am not quite ready to look back at all the goals I set at the start and at random, illogical intervals throughout the year.  I think I will save my review for later in the week. Think of this as the haphazard review before the review. 

I know I abandoned several goals--like daily ab workouts (although I did this for over half the year) and writing down my food each day (I abandoned this pretty much immediately). I also abandoned going on walks with my Mom. She had minimal interest in walking with me at reasonable times (early evenings, mornings after dawn, when I was not working). So, I blame her for this abandonment. 

I did not abandon my write in Yoke every day goal--that is the goal that will absolutely be the feather in my cap this year. I am not even sure what I accomplished in doing this. I guess I successfully did something each day. And I've gotten good at writing quickly in odd places. I don't remember what I wrote about last week--so I think when I actually review this accomplishment, I should take a real look back. 

I also hit my 50 books goal for 2021! For years, I've been so close to 50 and this year, I finally did it. I might even finish over 50. And I did not count any audiobooks and the stack of 20+ partially read non-fiction books. I love picking up a non-fiction books and reading a chapter or no or searching the index for interesting topics. I only counted books that I read from start to finish. 

I had other writing goals besides Yoke. I did start a book. And I am trying to stick with my chosen topic; but I already have urges to switch gears. I am trying super hard to stay the course. I did not write any editorial or feature writing for any third party publications (outside of ALSF and PHO). I need to make this a priority in 2022. It really bugs me I did not do this. 

And truth be told, I hate auditing myself and reviewing myself. I dread the discoveries of the things I neglected. And this dread leads me to not discovering the things that I did accomplish. I am going to try to be brave, tomorrow, and look back at what I accomplished and what I did not. I hope I can focus on the successes and not worry so much about the work I still have to do in 2022.